There’s litarally nothing on this page that can facilitate communications. That’s a pretty awful “contact page” now, isn’t it? Who does that? Why not just not have the page?

This site is a collection of pseudonymously authored short stories or screen media Bric-à-brac. It’s not presently open to unsolicieted submissions, but if you want to send something, that’s great, but there’s no way to do it here. Ping me on my Twitter or find ways to contact me via this page. The submission policy may change at some point, but right now it’s kind of a one way street.

If you’re interested in re-publishing any of this, then you don’t need to contact me so long as you’re following the terms of this Creative Commons license. If you’ve got other designs for the anything you’ve found here, then you’ll have to ask nicely or offer bribes.

Bribes work.

– Yours truly