Reading for December, 2019

The December 2019 Dystopia reading list:

Warzel, Charlie, and Stuart A. Thompson. “How Your Phone Betrays Democracy.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 22 Dec. 2019.

Rivlin-Nadler, Max. “How ICE Uses Social Media to Surveil and Arrest Immigrants.” The Intercept, 22 Dec. 2019.

Dorfman, Jenna McLaughlin and Zach. “'Shattered’: Inside the Secret Battle to Save America's Undercover Spies in the Digital Age.” Yahoo! News, Yahoo!, 30 Dec., 2019.

Chellel, Kit. “The Hacker Who Took Down a Country.”, Bloomberg, 20 Dec. 2019.

Mazzetti, Mark, et al. “It Seemed Like a Popular Chat App. It's Secretly a Spy Tool.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 22 Dec. 2019.

Griffiths, James. “Internet Shutdowns Used to Be Rare. They're Increasingly Becoming the Norm in Much of the World.” CNN, Cable News Network, 22 Dec. 2019.

“Year in Review: ‘The Biggest Threat Is Failing to Address the Reality of Online Alternative Media Ecosystems.'.” First Draft, 27 Dec. 2019.

Farivar, Cyrus. “How Online ‘Cloud Buckets’ Are Exposing Private Photos and Other Sensitive Data.”, NBCUniversal News Group, 30 Dec. 2019.

Winkler, Rolfe. “The Imperial Powers of the Tech Universe.” The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones & Company, 18 Dec. 2019.

Younge, Gary. “Streets on Fire: How a Decade of Protest Shaped the World.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 23 Nov. 2019.

Cabrices, Rafael Osío, et al. “2019 Gave Us a New Kind of Country.” Caracas Chronicles, 31 Dec. 2019.

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